Paper Globe Ornament

Paper Globe Ornament Tutorial

How to Make a Beautiful Paper Globe Christmas Ornament!

How to make a DIY paper globe ornament

This DIY paper ornament is fun and easy to make and costs pennies.  It's a great way to use scraps of cardstock, but it could also be done with photographs. 

Proportion is key here to get a nice, plump ornament.  If you want to change the length of the strips, be sure to also change the width and/or number of strips to accommodate.

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What you'll need:


  • Scrapbook cardstock
  • Mini brads
  • 1/16" hole punch, or push pin
  • Nylon string or other ornament hanger
  • Scissors or paper cutter


What to do:

1) Make 15 strips of cardstock, each 4 inches by 1/2 inch.  I used five strips of three contrasting paper.  You could do a two-color version with eight strips each.

2) Alternate your paper strips in a pretty pattern.



3) Gather them together with a binder clip to keep them from slipping, and punch a tiny hole in the end with the 1/16" punch.  Alternatively, you can use a push pin, a few layers at a time.  You can use one strip that's punched to line up on top of several other layers for consistency.  Punch the strips at both ends.




4) Take a tiny paper crafting brad, and tie a nylon string or other ornament hanger around it in the middle of the string, leaving a few inches on each side.

5) Thread the paper strips onto the brad, alternating colors.

6) Open the brad to fasten the strips together at one end.

7) Now, thread the paper strips onto another brad at the bottom.  REVERSE the direction in which you are threading the paper strips, so that the top strip goes on the bottom, and so forth.  This will make the strips start to twist into a sphere.



8) When you have reached the last strip, open up the lower brad inside the ornament.  Gently fan out the paper strips.



How to make a DIY paper globe ornament






Voilà!  Now go and make some more!

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