Q. I'd like to learn to sew, but I'm not sure I have the skills or creativity.  How do I know if the class is right for me?

A. Everyone can develop creativity.  I can't throw a ball to save my life, but my son's Little League coach asked me to help out in practice, and to my surprise I had fun and did a pretty good job!  

All my classes can be adapted to the individual.  If you have specific needs or concerns, just ask!  I am accustomed to meeting individual needs.  Due to my small format lessons, you won't be left behind.

Q.  What if I don't finish my project before the class is over?

A. For workshop format classes, projects can carry over from one week to the next.  Students are welcome to take home projects if they have the supplies and equipment to work on them as homework.  Alternatively, I offer Open Studio time slots for $10 an hour (for sewing, art, and jewelry classes) as well as sewing machine daily rentals.

Q. What if I finish my project early?

A. If you finish early, you are welcome to choose a mini-project, like a ribbon rose hair pin or a mini stuffed felt owl, at no extra cost.

Q.  I wish I could paint or draw, but whenever I've tried it looks bad.

A.  A really useful drawing book, "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson, reframes the concept of good/bad in making art.  Instead of asking if it looks good or bad, we should instead ask better questions - how long is this line?  What is this angle or curve like?  How big is this shape in comparison to that shape?

I like this approach because drawing and painting, like any other creative skills, can be learned.  If you have a desire to learn, don't let your fear limit you!  Yes, you can create!

Q. What is the class structure like?  Does everybody do the same thing at the same time?

A.  I'm not a big fan of one-size-fits all, but I know people also want to have a certain amount of direction.  I prefer a somewhat looser structure to my classes to give people choices and guidance at the same time.  Each class features several skills that will be practiced and then incorporated into the main project.  Students will learn the skills as a group and then implement them individually.  For each class, students have a choice of projects which can be customized to their liking.  I also offer a more open-format class for advanced beginner and intermediate students who want to pick their own pattern and execute it with my guidance.

Q.  I'm on a tight budget but I'd really like to learn a creative skill.  Do you have any special pricing options?

A.  I try to price my classes well to allow people in a wide range of budgets the possibility of learning to do the things I love.  However, sometimes a person is on an extra-tight budget (I've been there!).  While I don't change the actual price of the class, I have several ways of accommodating clients on a tight budget.  One possibility for motivated self-guided learners is to attend a monthly lesson, coupled with independent at-home practice, or Open Studio hours.  Email or call me to discuss how I might meet your needs.

Q.  What level of support do you provide?  I'm concerned about getting left behind in the class.

A.  It's important to me to tailor my classes to meet my clients' wishes and comfort level.  If you'd like me to show you something twice, or want a slower pacing, just ask.  I teach individual skills in each session, but there are a number of possibilities for accommodating those who wish to work at a more relaxed pace.

Q.  I already have intermediate level sewing skills and don't see what I'm looking for.  Do you have advanced sewing classes?

A.  I do have an open-format intermediate and advanced group which is more self-guided: you select your pattern and fabric, with my help and input, and you complete the project with my guidance.  This class is less structured than the beginners' group.  However, if you have a request for a specific advanced class, just email me!  I am always considering new options for future classes.

Q.  Can you schedule a special group class for me and a few friends?

A.  Yes!  Email or call to discuss details.

Q.  Do you do craft parties for birthdays?

A.  I do offer party services for birthdays, bridal showers, and other special events.  Depending on what kind of activity you are looking for, they can be held in my home studio or in a location of your choice.

Q.  Do you really do all these different hobbies? 

A.  Well, yes.  I actually have more creative hobbies than are listed here!  I simply can't help myself.  But it's not as strange as it may sound.  This is kind of the same principle as people who can speak many languages.  A lot of the learning experience is transferable, and once you get comfortable with a creative craft, you have acquired a number of skills that can now help facilitate the learning of something new.  In other words, learning one skill makes learning the next one easier!  You, too, may find that you can't just choose one . . .


Still got a question?  I'd love to hear it.  Send me an email!