What people are saying about Rachel's House of Craft . . .

I had a fantastic experience at Rachel’s Abstract Art class! The warm, inviting atmosphere of Rachel’s home and the small class size made me feel immediately at ease. I’ve only attempted abstract art a couple times and found engaging in it during this class was surprisingly easy in comparison to other experiences. Rachel herself is kind, personable and openly shares her own creative journey in a way that’s quite inspiring. She provided opportunities to explore art books, experiment with different techniques and materials, and participate in several exercises that helped tap into creativity. The level of guidance is based on the individual person’s desire or need for it, so it felt impossible to be left hanging, but also totally free to create unrestricted. I walked away with a finished product, a better understanding of how to engage in abstract art, and in good spirits. Overall, I highly recommend giving this class a try!
— Elizabeth
My daughter had such a great time learning to sew with Rachel. Not only did Rachel teach her to sew both by hand and on a sewing machine, but she also created such a warm, relaxed atmosphere that my daughter and I both looked forward to spending time in Rachel’s world! Rachel is obviously totally great at all manner of crafts, and she is also patient and able to adapt to each student’s abilities and skill-level. She also really took the fear out of it: “Made a mistake? No problem, just pull the stiches out like this, and try again.” My daughter was thrilled with both projects she completed with Rachel and is eager to do more.
— Amanda
Classes at Rachel’s House of crafts are fun filled, and I personally find them relaxing. Rachel is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching, which inspires me to want to learn more crafts.
Take any of her classes, you will be glad you did.
— Maria
Rachel’s jewelry making class was relaxed, informative and fun! She was very welcoming and I felt comfortable exploring a new creative outlet as Rachel allowed room for self discovery perfectly timed with instruction and guidance. I loved the necklace I made and gave it to my sister as a gift!
— Veronica
Rachel is super outgoing, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She provided a great refresher for me with her introductory sewing class. Rachel was very hands-on and encouraging. The class was well paced and provided ample time to ask questions and receive guidance. Definitely worth taking.
— Katharine
Rachel directed an amazing abstract art class in her apartment. The class was an experiment for future classes. Yet she attracted a great group of people and prepared thoughtful exercises, which included three-minute writing explorations. By the end, I was painting from a memory I thought I had forgotten. Not only did she offer great supplies, she played Motown, which can brighten any move.
— Ann